Training 4 Logistics Topic of The Month First Aid in the Workplace

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This month we are talking about First Aid in the workplace.

First Aid is immediate medical assistance given to someone in the event of an accident, injury, or illness.

This is given by trained staff within the workplace until emergency services arrive on scene.

Every employer in the UK regardless of the size of the company, have legal obligations to make sure that their workplace is equipped with the following…

. a first aid box which contains the appropriate equipment.

. a trained staff member to administer any first aid that may be needed.

. first aid information for all employees.

First Aid Assessment

Employers in the UK are required to conduct an assessment of requirements for First Aid, this should examine…

. the size of the company regarding people and area,

. the distance to emergency services

. potential hazards within the workplace.

. previous accidents, incidents, and illness’s

. whether an assigned first aider is required.

. the locality of employees during work hours, on and off site.

. working hours and shift patterns.

. potential visitors to the workplace.

First Aid Box

There are no real requirements to what should be kept in a first aid box, but as a minimum it should have the following….

. a general first aid guidance leaflet

. assorted sizes of plasters (40)

. triangle bandages (sterile) (5)

. disposable gloves (3 pairs)

. safety pins

. sterile medium and generous sized wound dressings (3 of each)

. sterile eye pads (3)

This is sufficient for most low hazard workplaces.

The first aid kit must be kept in a visible easy to access place and all employees should know where this is located. All equipment must be in date, tablets and other medications must not be kept in the first aid box.

The suggested number of trained first aiders you require depends on the number of staff you have employed at one time, and the environment in which your workplace comes under.

Here is a list of Low – High Risk environments and the suggested limit of first aiders.

And a simple breakdown of the size of first aid box needed depending on your number of employees.

Some environments may require the need for a first aid room, here are a few requirements if needed.

The room must be solely for first aid and large enough to hold a first aid couch with enough space around either side for people to work.

It must also have a chair, a sink with soap and paper towels.

Drinking water and disposable cups

Storage space for first aid equipment

Record book for incidents.

Telephone, bin and a suitable clinical waste disposal container.

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