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Continuing from our previous blog, today we are talking about Pivot Steer Forklifts and Reach Trucks


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Pivot Truck In Action

Pivot Steer trucks are commonly known as a “Flexi” or “Bendi Truck”.

These types of truck have the ability to operate in narrow and tight areas, with a mast than can swing on a 90-degree angle on either side to safely load and unload pallets to and from the racking systems.

They also have a counterbalance style to them but because they are articulated, they bend in the middle for higher movement flexibility, hence the names “Bendi Truck” & “Flexi Truck”.

These were also considered to be a specialist type of truck, but over the years the Pivot Truck has shown obvious advantages for the workplace, making them more popular in warehouse and distribution centres.

Reach Truck

Reach Truck
A Reach Truck used in warehouse and distribution centres.

Reach Trucks are a type of forklift that are suitable for indoor use, and mainly designed to work in warehouses with narrow aisles, they are a ideal solution if you need to make your warehouse more space efficient.

The two outer legs distribute the load and a single set of wheels located below the operator, at the back of the truck allowing a tighter turn radius.

The wheelbase of the truck is essentially the same as a normal counterbalance truck, but the body of the truck is much more compact than that of a counterbalance truck.

These also can reach as high as 13 meters and still maintain capacity, and flexible manoeuvrability.

Here are some other types of Reach Truck

The Pantograph Reach Truck

These trucks are designed for indoor use, with either a double reach or single reach configuration, and a forward or side stance configuration. They also use a scissor reach mechanism, which extends the forks forward letting it reach into the racking. The mast stays still while the forks move into the desired position.

Moving Mast Reach Truck

These types of trucks utilise a hydraulic system, based on rails, which therefore allows the entire mast to move forward, they tend to have a greater ground clearance due to the large size of the wheels and can be used effectively outside as well as inside narrow aisles inside the warehouse.

They are also usually a sit-down configuration, which limits the operators fatigue when using the forklift for extended periods of time.

Multidirectional Reach Trucks

These types of forklifts allow movement for long and awkward loads in all 4 directions, and combine the functionality of the Counterbalance, Side loader and the normal reach truck all in one vehicle.

These can also be used indoors and outdoors making the need for several different types of truck unessential.

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